Keeping it green

Proud to be part of the Emerald Isle, The Shannon Region has no shortage of both greenery and green initiatives.

Keeping it Green: Our Commitment

The Shannon Region Conference & Sports Bureau is constantly striving to work with our members to innovate and improve on new ways to be greener than before, pushing to bring sustainability to the forefront of the industry and at the heart of what we do.

We work in close partnership with Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority of Ireland, we share the same mandate, mission, values and vision when it comes to sustainability. SRCSB is committed to working with our suppliers and community to make The Shannon Region a sustainable destination for MICE events.

Global Destination Sustainability Index

At the end of 2018, The Shannon Region was delighted to make its first entry onto the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index), a collaborative business initiative created to help Destinations, Convention Bureaux, Event Planners and Suppliers drive the adoption and recognition of sustainable practices in their regions and in the global events industry. SRCSB now undertakes two separate submissions on the GDS Index annually, one for Limerick and one for Clare. In 2022, Limerick was ranked 34th in Europe with Clare ranked 36th. In 2023 Clare was delighted to break into the Top 40 ranked in 38th place out of over 100 destinations with Limerick just narrowly missing out on a place in the Top 40 ranked in 41st place. 2024 will see us strive to improve the scores for both destinations as both Limerick and Clare continue to be recognised as leading Sustainable Tourism destinations.

A typical five-day conference with 2,500 attendees consumes up to…


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Keeping it Green Initiatives

Here are some key ‘Keep it Green’ initiatives, practical suggestions and a handy event checklist to consider when planning your event in the Shannon Region:

Download a copy of our Guide to running Green Meetings and Events

  • Carbon Footprint is a tool that will help you calculate the carbon footprint of your conference.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint is a highly recommended step for event planners and tourism businesses that care about our climate and their emission levels. We strongly encourage visiting event planners, our members and our industry partners to consider offsetting any emissions they produce.
  • Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau works with two organisations who offer Carbon Offsetting initiatives: Sustainable Travel Ireland and Home Tree.

Leftover Food

Food Cloud will take donations of excess food from events, who will collect the food on site at no extra cost and arrange for distribution to appropriate charities.

Surplus Stock

Have something that could potentially be a raw material for another business such as cardboard boxes, wooden pallets etc? Liaise with the venue for assistance to connect with local organisations who could reuse it, helping to reduce landfill waste and further a circular economy.

  • Think Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for event materials and communications.
  • Keep it digital where you can: electronic invitations, registration, follow ups etc.
  • Promote keep cups instead of single use items like takeaway cups.
  • Where possible ensure all sugar, tea and coffee is not individually packaged. Flasks of tea and coffee are best and do not produce waste.
  • Encourage attendees to adopt the “Leave No Trace” ethos.
  • Ensure recycling bins are readily available throughout meeting venues and accommodation, with multi language signage to enable attendees to easily sort and recycle their rubbish.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are more environmentally friendly and often tend to be cheaper, so make sure to incorporate some meat free options into your menu.
  • Tap water is a sustainable choice with no transportation or waste packaging. Use glasses and water jugs over single use plastic bottles.
  • Opt for local, seasonal and organic produce.
  • Choose ethical, eco and fair-trade options.
  • Select local catering companies that have environmental credentials.
  • Encourage delegates and attendees to visit cafes and restaurants that are part of the Conscious Cup Campaign where they can use their own cups. A full list of outlets that participate in the Conscious Cup Campaign can be found here
  • Encourage delegates to stay in close proximity to the event venue.
  • Use our Green Suppliers section to choose accommodation and / or event venue providers that have an environmental certification.
  • Ensure that accommodation options are within walking distance to the event or have good public transportation links.
  • Walk or take public transport. Limerick City is compact enough to tour on foot.
  • For anyone who does choose to drive, provide details of where electric vehicles can be charged – find Limerick and Clare’s car charging points here
  • Encourage delegates to use soft mobility forms of transport like cycling – find details on bicycle hire in Limerick here and in Clare here
  • Accessibility is important for everyone, that’s why Access Earth is building the world’s largest database of accessibility information. Finding accessible places to eat, sleep and drink or things to do has never been easier. Access Earth is a free platform that allows users to find and rate places that suit their own accessibility needs.
  • Further details can be found here
  • For a list of Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Ireland please click here

If your organisation is looking to deliver legacy outcomes to your event and give something back, we have meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility activities and Social Impact Programmes on offer.

Green Suppliers

If you are looking for a venue that cares for the environment as much as you do, the Shannon Region has a range of venues with third party sustainability accreditation that will assist you to reduce your event’s carbon footprint. 

Make an easy and well-informed choice with our list of Green Meeting suppliers who are as passionate about the environment and sustainability as you are.